Making Butter at Home – Part One


Over here we tend to watch a lot of old Andy Griffith shows. The boys love them. I happen to love the vintageness of them. Is that a word? Sometimes I find myself so amazed at how realistic all of the vintageness seems… and then I realize it was real.

I know you are wondering what Andy Griffith has to do with making butter, but I’m getting to that.

I just love it when the egg and butter man comes by to chat with Aunt Bee and drop off her eggs and butter for the week. How much better does it get than having the egg and butter man pay a weekly visit?

Well, at our house the milk man brings a gallon of fresh, full fat, glorious milk to our door every morning. My job happens to be to take some of that luscious cream and turn it into butter. See, I told you we’d get to butter making.

Making Butter :

Step 1

The very important first step in butter making is separating the cream from the milk. I let the milk settle for at least 24 hours then I use a handy ladle and scoop that cream right off of the top of the milk. Since I collect cream for 3 0r 4 days before making butter I put the cream in another container to stash in the fridge.




Can you see that all of that yummy cream on top?




Step 2

I get about 1 quart of cream from every gallon of milk, so after I collect cream for 4 days I have around 1 gallon of cream to make butter .

The morning I am ready to make butter I hunt through the fridge, round up all of the cream  and set it on the counter to warm up a bit. You can make butter with cold cream but it takes much longer and is more difficult to do.


Step 3

Get out to big butter churn, sit it on a dish towel, pour the cream into the jar, screw the lid with the motor on tightly, plug it in, sit back and get comfy.




Go ahead and have a cup of tea while you wait.

Or coffee… Or coke…Or ice cream.

You know, whatever suits your fancy.

Over the years I have made butter several different ways and I have to say this butter churn is by far the easiest method. I love this big butter churn.




Viola! There you have it Р beautiful, unadulterated, homemade butter. Yum!




Check back to see where we go from here.

The butter lady,





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