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Okay. So this post is a little overdue.

Okay…it’s more like extremely overdue. It’s so overdue it was front page a month ago!

Suffice it to say this news is LATE.

What is this breaking farmhouse news, you ask?

Lily finally had her baby, albeit a month after we thought she was due! On March 20, 2013 Lily gave birth to her first offspring, a feisty little paint colt.










I know these pictures don’t make him look too feisty, but he is! He won’t let you get anywhere near him.

Lily wasn’t the only one around here to give birth. We have two other mares, Dolly and Grace who also had babies.

Dolly is a mare we’ve had for about 10 years now and her only job in life is to have babies. She’s had 5 babies for us and overall she’s been a really good mama. She’s laid back and easy-going and she passes on good temperaments to her babies.

Dolly had a little paint filly on April 4. Even though both parents have been paint horses, Dolly’s last few babies have been solid, so I was really surprised when I drove around the corner and saw the baby. It was definitely not solid!












This is the smallest baby Dolly’s ever had and the first couple of days we were worried she may have not been getting enough milk. We bought some milk replacer to start her on the next morning and when we went to check on her she was all perked up and running around!

I have to say, she’s a very peculiar baby. From the first day she was born, she’ll just walk right up to you with no fear whatsoever. She’s apparently very curious.





Grace had a little black colt on April 13th and he’s all legs!





If you look close you can see he has light rings around his eyes and light around his muzzle.





They say grey horses are born black and when they shed off they turn grey. There’s a debate around here as to whether he’ll turn grey or not.

My guess is he’s going to turn grey. What do you think?


Well, that’s all the babies around this farm. I hope you enjoyed seeing them all!


Thanks for stopping by!





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  1. Amanda says:

    Cuteness!!!!!!!!! I was wondering when poor Lily had her foal (and obviously, never got around to asking).
    “Trust ye in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.” Isaiah 26:4

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