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MilkCoat™ Information

Water Based | Low Odor | Low VOCs

This water-based sealer has low odor and low VOC’s. It provides a protective, washable topcoat. MilkCoat™ can be applied over any painted surface.

Available in High Sheen / Gloss, Low Sheen / Satin, and No Sheen / Matte. *Matte is not recommended over black paints, instead try one of our other finishes such as MilkWax™ or MilkOil™.

Recommended for indoor use.

MilkCoat™ Prep

Raw Wood – No prep is required.

Milk-painted surface – Light sand for a smooth surface.

How to Use MMS MilkCoat™

Apply with a brush (foam or bristle), lint free cloth, or damp sponge.

One-coat application.

MilkCoat™ dries quickly so a damp applicator is recommended

Soap and Water clean-up.

MilkCoat™ Ingredients:

– Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion

– Sufactant

– Water

– Coalescing Agent

– Mica

– Dihydroxypropane

MilkCoat™ Tips & Coverage

– These will still slightly wet the pigment in the paint to make it a shade darker and can take 30 to 60 minutes to fully dry, depending on the thickness of the application.

– MilkCoat™ can be used on new or old surfaces, and they are an excellent second coat over MilkPaint™ colors on kitchen cabinets, tabletops, over window sills, walls and trim, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

– Approximate Coverage: 8 oz. covers 25-35 sq. ft. | 16 oz. covers 50-70 sq. ft.

Additional information

Weight 425.242847 kg

No Sheen/ Matte 8 oz


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