Spring Table Setting at the Farmhouse


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Get ideas for how to use what you already have to create a simple, beautiful spring table setting. See how I used things that I already had and added flowers from the yard to create a garden themed spring table setting.

Shows spring table setting centerpiece

It is finally spring here at the farmhouse. With Easter right around the corner, I decided to decorate my dining room for spring and create a spring table setting with a little twist of Easter included.

After what has seemed like a long, cold, wet winter the flowers are blooming and everything is turning green with a newness of life. Spring always makes me want to clean and decorate everything!

Spring table center piece with ivy and azaleas.

Choosing a theme for my spring table setting.

The beautiful weather outside makes me want to open the doors and windows and bring some of the outdoors in.

A lot of flowers and shrubs in my yard are also in full bloom providing pretty, fresh flowers to bring indoors to decorate with. Plus they are free!

So creating a garden-themed spring table setting in my dining room seemed like the perfect thing to do!

spring table setting bunny place setting

Gather items for a simple, natural, spring table.

I wanted to keep this table setting pretty simple. I also knew that I wanted to use the beautiful pink azaleas that I had blooming outside as a focal point in my dining room decor this year.

I picked some green ivy from my mother’s yard, thinking it would add a lovely natural outdoor garden feel to my table. There’s a shady spot in my backyard that I have been wanted to plant some ivy in for a while, so I will transplant this ivy there, after using it in my spring table setting.

This cute little metal and glass greenhouse was a garage sale purchase that I found back in the fall. I had already placed a bird’s nest in it, but I have really been wanting to do something more creative with it. It adds to the garden theme and serves as the perfect centerpiece for this garden-inspired spring table.

Spring table setting decor with china cabinet.

Choosing the items to use for my spring table – shopping my house.

The first thing I do when I am decorating any space in my home is to shop my house. What I mean by this is looking around my house for things to use instead of making a trip to the store.

I always shop my house first because I have so many collections of things that I really love so and those are the things that I want to use for my everyday decorating.

I don’t want to go out and buy new items for every season or holiday. Thinking about buying new seasonal things and then having to store them after the season is finished really stresses me out!

My goal is to keep my home decorating simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, not stressful!

So I always start from the place of seeing what I already have that I can use. Then I go from there and purchase something only if I really need it or really love it.

spring table setting showing bunny napkin rings white table cloth white napkins bunny plates

For this table setting, I chose a simple, vintage white tablecloth and some white cloth napkins. I didn’t want anything too fussy. I also wanted to stay with white since I am creating a garden-themed table and will be bringing in color with my flowers and ivy.

I decided to use some of my favorite creamy white ironstone plates. Since these plates are a little fancy I toned them down by using some natural chargers under them on the table. I also added a layer with these cute, colorful bunny plates that I found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

Showing natural charger, white ironstone plate and bunny plate.

I love to use unusual things to hold flowers, so I decided to try these vintage, zinc french flower pots that I purchased at Round Top several years ago as vases on the table. I love the pretty patina that they add to the table.

french zinc flower pots holding azaleas on spring table.

Bringing It All Together To Create A Pretty Table

After choosing all of the items to use on your table it is time to get started creating.

Start with the tablecloth, then move to the centerpiece. According to the size of your table, it might be helpful to go ahead and place each individual place setting on the table where it will go so that you can make sure your centerpiece isn’t getting into the eating spaces.

My table is not very big, so I can’t use a huge centerpiece, or else it crowds the place settings.

Next, create each place setting in layers starting with the placemat or charger then the dinner plate and salad plate, or maybe just a special decorative plate like the one I used here.

The trend these days seems to be to have fun with it and not worry too much about the formal rules of table settings.

Finish off your table with the glassware and silverware.

spring table setting and fireplace mantle with white pitchers and pink flowers.

My boys like to drink out of “fancy” glasses sometimes, so I have a thrift store collection of fancy glasses. That way if one gets broken I don’t get too upset about it.

On this table, I used a set of pioneer woman glasses that I picked up at a garage sale several years ago.

Mini Spring Dining Room Tour

I changed out the faux flowers in my white pitchers from my Valentine decor and added fresh azaleas from my yard and I also added a little ivy on the fireplace mantle.

White pitchers with pink flowers on the spring dining room mantle.

I left the old screen door and wreath in the dining room.

Dining room mantle with pitchers and flowers and old white screen door.

I also added some of our colorful eggs from our chickens in my old scale that sits on the sideboard in the dining room.

Colorful eggs in and antique bowl.

I’m so not a perfectionist when it comes to china. I love this old bowl with all of its imperfections. I feel like all of the signs of age and use just add to the charm and character of an antique piece.

spring table setting with sideboard and old scale in background.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my spring table and mini spring dining room tour. Hopefully, it will inspire you to gather a few things and make a pretty spring table!

If you would like to watch me decorate my table you can watch my video here:

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