Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Tour

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There’s nothing cozier than a vintage farmhouse at Christmas. Welcome to my farmhouse Christmas Tour.

China cabinet door with small green wreath hanging on the door, with a kicked out bow. Santa mugs in the background.

When we purchased our farm, thirty years ago, the purchase price did not even include the 1800s farmhouse. Because of its dilapidated condition, many people thought it would be best to just tear it down and start over. I’m so glad we didn’t listen! Even though it took lots of work, I am now able to enjoy the cozy comfort offered by this 100+ year old home. I’d love to share my home with you, so come along with me on a Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Tour.

Vintage bottle brush Christmas trees with old butter churn in the background.

Entry Way/ Main Hall At Christmas

Red Velvet coat and hat that I wore my first Christmas hanging in the entrance hall.

As soon as you walk into our house, you will see evidence of Christmases past. The little red velvet coat was actually my first Christmas coat. I’m so glad my mama kept this for me. As much as I don’t like to admit it sometimes, the special things from my childhood, like this coat, are now vintage. Not only do they fit in perfectly with my décor, but they also bring back special memories of years gone by.

A Christmas vignette an old scale, red grater, old jars with candy canes, a red book and some bottle brush trees.

The pair of vintage ice skates that hang in my entryway was a gift from a friend. Although I’ve never had the opportunity to use them here in south Louisiana, they make a perfect addition to my Christmas farmhouse.

Christmas Dining Room

One of the first things you might notice in my dining room is the vintage tablecloth I purchased at a thrift store. If you’ve watched some of my videos, you already know how much I love vintage linens. The beautiful handwork and the hours spent crafting these heirlooms make them priceless.

The centerpiece on my table is a wooden sleigh that I picked up at Canton Trade Days in Canton, Texas. It’s topped with a few of my favorite things – a vintage doily and tray, as well as some antique mason jars from my collection. With candy canes, vintage reindeer, and Christmas trees, the table is ready for a festive family gathering.

table center piece tray sitting on wooden sleigh, with red vintage reindeer, bottle brush trees, and candy canes in blue vintage ball jars.
Wood sleigh centerpiece with a tray filled with blue ball jars with candy canes, antique red deer and red and white bottle brush trees.

Another priceless treasure from the past is this set of German Christmas ornaments. My mother bought these in 1951 when my dad was in the military and stationed in Germany. She has kept them all these years and has now passed them on to me. So many memories flooded my mind when I began to unpack the ornaments. I remembered the wonder of seeing them hang on our tree when I was little. I thought they were so beautiful then, and I still think they’re some of the prettiest Christmas ornaments that I own.

Old sparse Christmas Tree with antique German ornaments.
Close up of antique ornaments from Germany

Using greenery is always a simple and often inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays. We have two China cabinets in our dining room. One holds all my blue and white china and the other holds a variety of serving pieces and miscellaneous China. To add a little holiday flair, I simply hung a little boxwood wreath on one and a traditional Christmas wreath from the dollar store on the other.

Antique china cabinet with wreath on the door
Table with china cabinet showing in the background

The nativity set that adorns the mantle in my dining room is one of my most cherished Christmas pieces. My grandmother made this for me when I first got married, and I love to display it every year. I love the elegant simplicity of the white figurines, but more than that, I love the simple message it proclaims: “Jesus Christ is born!”

Vintage white ceramic nativity set made by my grandma.

Keeping Room Christmas Home Tour

bottle brush trees sitting on an old wooden box with a crock of rolling pins and old butter churn

Now for one of the most used rooms in our house – the keeping room. In colonial times, the keeping room was a gathering place built off the kitchen. The focal point was the fireplace. In addition to providing a place to warm up, the kitchen keeping room was also a comfortable place for family and guests to gather and visit as the woman of the house worked in the kitchen. This keeping room off the kitchen is by far the coziest area in our home. Our family spends hours together enjoying each other’s company and the heat from our wood-burning heater. It is also a place where friends gather when they come to visit. Everyone enjoys spending time in this room, especially during the winter when it is cold outside.

Old pantry cabinet with Christmas village and  Christmas tree showing from the side

Living in the south, where we rarely see snow, we really enjoy the wintery street scene represented by our Christmas village. It all started when my mother-in-law gave me the first piece years ago. Each year, my youngest son looks forward to unpacking the village and setting it up. He has even added pieces of his own to the collection through the years. I love watching his excitement as he unpacks each piece.

Many of the other Christmas decorations in the keeping room are special keepsakes. My first Christmas stocking, my grandmother’s crocheted doily, and ornaments, as well as ornaments made by my children in past years, bring back fond memories.

Blue ball ornament with crochet done by my grandmother

Among the other keepsake items, there is a small Christmas tree with a handful of ornaments that have survived the years. This is my mama’s “Chicken Pox Tree.” The Christmas she was five years old, she had chicken pox. She says she remembers looking out the window and watching all her friends outside playing with their Christmas toys. She couldn’t go out and play with them since she was sick. So, to help make her Christmas special, her mother made this little “Chicken Pox Tree” for her room.

A vintage ceramic santa that I have had since childhood with mama's chicken pox tree showing in the background.

Finally, we have our advent wreath. The lighting of each candle brings to mind the reason we celebrate Christmas – which brings us back to the nativity.

Advent wreath with lighted candles

The baby in the manger – Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Nativity set pieces Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the manger

Thank you for joining me in my home for this Christmas home tour.

You Can Watch My Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Home Tours Here:

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